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Sri kali mata astrology center is one of the leading astrological healing centers which provide different types of psychological healing services. Being one of the best astrological firms in Sydney, we provide you a clear insight into your future destination. Our astrological professionals are experts in future prediction. Our spiritual experts and astrological professionals can help one in shaping one’s life and destiny.

Our main objective is to make our clients feel uplifted, encouraged and revitalized. Our astrological firm specializes in different types of astrological services and helps clients in providing a solution to the love relationship problems, marital issues, health issues, financial issues along with providing spiritual healing.

We assure you the best of our services. The spiritual healers of our astrological center have that intuitive capability to figure out the problems of a person’s life.

They can gather information, understand and feel the problems of their client. Our healers and astrological experts could guarantee you with a trustworthy, genuine reading. They are also capable of providing you with the psychological healing thus enhancing mental relief from all kinds of stress and tension.

Our face reading specialists are expert in reading the lines of one’s forehead and warning them about their future consequences, the step that they should take to ignore problems and so on. Our astrological experts possess the God- gifted abilities in predicting the accurate facts about one’s past, present, and future.

Astrology is a body of systems, beliefs, and traditions which are based on the relation between heavenly bodies. Throughout history, astrology has molded our cultures and here, at Sri kali mata astrology center we try our best to help our clients in solving the different types of psychological, personal and supernatural issues of their life.

Our astrological and spiritual experts not only deal with future predictions but also they have the intuitive ability to recall one’s past through past life reading. The experts also provide a perfect solution to re- create one’s present life through present life reading. Our consultants aim at providing the best solution to all of your issues and troubles. Our astrological firm is also located in Parramatta.

Sri kali mata astrology center is one of the leading astrological healing centers which provide different..

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  • 7 days week : 10:00 AM to 08:00 PM
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  • Cash
  • Bank Transfer
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  • Address : Suite 12 a 15/17 Phillip st, Paramatta, NSW 2150
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  • Phone : 0410 159 725